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Installation Vidéo


Monitor one : Zefiro Torna or Scenes from the Life of Georges Maciunas un film de Jonas Mekas 1952-78/1992 16 mm couleur - 34 ‘

Monitor two : A walk through Soho un film de Jonas Mekas Jan.08.1999 Video couleur - 15’07’’ One non stop video take, me walking through Soho during a haevy snow Blizzard storm.

Monitor three : A loft abandonned un film de Jonas Mekas Jan.14.2004 Video couleur -13’10 My 491,Broadway 6th floor loft,now empty /taped January 2004. Myself,Sebastian . A brief stop for espresso at cafe gitano.

Monitor four : Memories of Soho un film de Jonas/Oona Mekas 1967/2003 Video couleur /16mm - 30’. Glimpses of Soho.

Monitor five : Farewell to Soho party un film de Jonas Mekas taped January 11 2004.Video couleur/16mm- 26’29’’. We dance ,play music.Sebastian recite the first Canto of Dante’s Purgatorium. Uta Indian chef Bear Poy sings.

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